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One of the biggest problems in the world are usually health problems, like cancer, HIV virus, ebola virus, bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are most common infections and they are normally treated…


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One of the biggest problems in the world are usually health problems, like cancer, HIV virus, ebola virus, bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are most common infections and they are normally treated with antibiotics, but what happens if these infections can't be treated and what exactly causes them to be difficult to treat? The answer is bacterial resistance to antibiotics. If the bacteria is resistant to antibiotics, then antibiotics are not able to kill the bacteria and the infection can spread all over the human body causing more damage, advanced stage of the disease, sepsis and eventually death. The resistance is much bigger problem in the world, even twice bigger then HIV infections and cancer. The resistance happens for many reasons, but mostly caused by not using antibiotics properly, replication of the bacterial plasmid and changing the bacterial genetic structure which means the bacteria has developed own mechanism of protecting itself from antibiotics. These type of bacteria are called "smart bacteria". To solve the problem people invent new antibiotics, more stronger, but even then bacteria evolves to more dangerous one, so it's more harder to kill the bacteria and by using more antibiotics and stronger ones can cause many dangerous side-effects on human body. Every time scientists invent new antibiotic it's not good enough because bacteria is always "smarter". So what is the key? It doesn't matter how strong the antibiotic has to be, but it does matter how smart it should be. The project "Smart antibiotic" gives the solutions how the antibiotic should be developed. During the previous work, we managed to create and modify the safe, smart antibiotic by doing experiments in several laboratories. By using special methods of genetic modification, convergence and developing the genes of an antibiotic by using the genes from a bacteria. The antibiotic doesn't change the previous generations of antibiotics, it just improves safer and smarter effect and even destroys resistant bacteria. The antibiotic had an amazing effect on bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella, Enterobacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculossis, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus piogenes and even MRSA (MRSA is 100% resistant bacteria - Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus). Study has shown that with the development of genes who are responsible for resistance of bacteria and combining the genes with the genes of antibiotic (genetic conversion) there is no resistance. By doing these methods, the bacteria is killed on the genetics level which means it can't convert, get resistant, spread its genetics material and can't even survive without replicating its DNA. Studies also shown that the most important thing for stopping the resistance and killing the resistant bacteria is genetic congruence of the genes in the bacteria and the genes of developed antibiotic. The antibiotic won't target the genes of the bacteria to destroy the bacteria unless the genes aren't 100% congruent. So, the main goal is to destroy the bacteria on the genetic level, then the bacteria won't be able to survive on her own, causing death of the bacterial cell. The project has an ability to lower the resistance, save the lives of few hundred million people and also it's cheap - because with the minimum of the equipment, we managed to isolate it. It can surely succeed in the future in pharmacy and medicine, also improving health care. By solving the problem of resistance, we won't only solve bacterial infections, but also many other opportunistic infections caused by bacteria and also prevent further consequences. This will be closer step to save a humanity and defeat the main problem nowadays - bacterial resistance. The Smart antibiotic has every single characteristic for development as a form of cure, it can have great influence on the treatment with antibiotics and it can work efficiently. However, like every other medicine, the Smart antibiotic isn't a perfect medicine (perfect medicine will never exist), it also has some side-effect we don't want, like it's hard to eliminate it from the body once it gets in it. Because it accumulates in the body, the only way of eliminating it is to convert it into another form of metabolite in the organism (for example conversion with special enzymes so it can be eliminated faster and better). Another problem is that it has to be in a different form than we developed it, it has to be developed strictly in industry, so with the help of pharmacy it can surely be the smartest antibiotic we've ever developed.

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